Texas Cattlebrand SAA

In 2014 we moved to Pueblo, Colorado where I made firearms engraving my only occupation.  For those not familiar with Pueblo or the high plains of America, it is an area of the country with huge beautiful skys and lot of wide open area...it's cattle country.  I spent my time there studying the cowboy culture.  This gun not only represents western culture, it represents the time I spent living in the arid high plains along the front range.

When I think of cowboy country, whether its Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, one thing is always present....CATTLEBRANDS!!! It's how ranchers mark their livestock, name their ranches, and use these symbols to identify themselves.

​I acquired some excellent reference materials and began the process of learning as much as I could about brands, ranching, and western culture as possible.  It remains and most likely will always remain a tremendous source of inspiration for me as an artist.

The closeup images reminds me of the creation process, balancing fine details, positive/negative spaces and western scrolls and motifs.  This Colt SAA is my version of what an iconic "COWBOY'S" SAA should be.  The finish is an antiqued grey which I chose to use specifically to mimic how a gun would look if it were actually carried and used out on the range.

As I look over this artwork iconic western imagery flashes through my mind.  I think of wide open expanses of America where there's more cattle than people.  I think of the prairie grasses being gently washed by the ever present winds.  I think of the weathered look from the sun and dusty terrain.  I think of cattlebrands and this truly western revolver. 

Bertram Edmonston Master Engraver


Colt Single Action Army

circa 1972

Stagecoach box

.357 magnum

​French Walnut one-piece grips by master gripmaker, Paul Persinger

Engraving and finishing by Bertram Edmonston IV 

For Sale: serious inquires only