Bertram Edmonston Master Engraver

First, what type of object do you want engraved?

Currently the only objects I accept for commissioning are knives, shotguns, and jewelry.  In the past I have done extensive work on handguns, most specifically the 1911 platform.  I am currently not accepting 1911s for any type of work. Themed revolvers will be considered (example: Jimmy Dean SAA).  Nickel plating is not available at this time. 

Third, how long will it take?

I work on a first in, first out process.  This is established by the date the item or payment arrives. If an item is not engraving ready, payment can reserve your spot in line. A log is kept documenting when your items arrives.

Knife engraving takes 6 to 8 months to complete.

Firearms commissions take 8 to 14 months to complete.

What does it cost?

The $64 million dollar question everyone wants to know.

I work in a multitude of styles but prefer to work in my own signature American scroll.  This scroll can be executed with different background techniques such as dot, lined, and full relief.  Background technique can dramatically change the pricing, with full relief carving being the most labor intensive and costly.

The best way to answer this question is with an honest, direct conversation.  Not every object warrants the most labor intensive techniques.  For instance, an $800-1000 knife is a great item for $600-1000 of engraving.   

Precious metal inlays are a combination of labor and material costs.  The labor is typically more than the actual metal used.  I use the finest materials to achieve the desired artistic effect, which is usually 24k gold.

Commissioning Engraving

​What you need to know prior to contact...

Second, what condition is the item?

I prefer working on "engraving" ready items, meaning pieces which do not require preparation, restoration, or disassembly.  Engraving ready means the metal surfaces are completely free of cosmetic defect, no coatings, and disassembled into the smallest individual components.   Generally, these factors apply mostly to firearms related commissions as knives are usually worked on as complete, finished items.

Should preparation or restoration work be necessary, pricing for this work will be quoted seperately from the engraving quote.  Often times secondary parties are required for this step.