Bertram Edmonston Master Engraver

Kolar Shotgun

This shotgun features elaborate arabesque style scroll executed in deep relief.  The background was meticulously carved away, leveled and matted.  Relief engraving is the ultimate in luxury firearms engraving.

Volkmann Precision Stainless 1911

Fine, ornate victorian style scroll 

Colt SAA 

This third gen SAA illustrates standard C+ traditional Colt style engraving. The perfect gun for shooting or collecting!

USFA Blackpowder Frame SAA 

This exhibition quality scroll engraving illustrates full coverage engraving on a difficult  canvas.  Note the smooth flowing curves of the scrolls over the very irregular surfaces

Winchester Model 70 Floor Plate ‚Äč

This floor plate illustrates a fine example of my classic Nimshcke inspired scroll.  

Colt 1903

This gun was a complete restoration and engraving.  

Colt SAA 45LC

This highly detailed first gen Colt was featured on the cover of the 2016 Guns & Ammo annual edition.  The project was commissioned by Nutmeg Sports