Bertram Edmonston Master Engraver

Jimmy Dean Colt SAA

This Colt SAA was personally gifted to the CBS sales executive that helped Jimmy Dean get his record "Big Bad John" played on the radio.  The gun features a multitude of precious metal inlays to 'tell the tale' of how it happened.  The gun was originally gifted to the client by Dean in the 1970's.  It was a rather ordinary Colt with the exception of an inscription on the backstrap.  The commission is an artistic rendition memorializing the client's life, and involvement with Jimmy Dean.  The two men were friends, business associates and even neighbors at times.

Custom 3" Python

This custom vintage Colt Python had a 3" barrel made for it.  The commissioned engraving features 3/4 coverage with precious metal inlays throughout, most notably the bald eagle.  The eagle was executed in fine silver and 24k gold.

1st generation Colt SAA

A highly detailed rendition of the well known Cuno Helfricht Sears & Roebuck "cowboy special"

This project involved quite a bit of laser welding to repair the firearm and make is ready for engraving. In addition a new front sight was made due the original being filed off.

Bertram uses a high precision industrial laser welder to repair cosmetic and mechanical issues on antique firearms.